On July 2, 1967, Bravo Company walked into a U-shaped ambush just north of the DMZ. This company of Marines showed tremendous courage against unbelievable odds as they spent hours fighting for their own lives and the lives of their fellow Marines. They were trapped and penned down in what looked to be a hopeless and helpless situation, but they refused to give up. Later in the day when the tanks finally rolled in, only twenty-six men had survived. That day changed their lives forever.


Derl Horn shares an exciting, powerful, and true story of his memories of being drafted into the Marine Corps during the height of the Vietnam War. From the moment the drill instructor slammed the bus door shut at the San Diego airport as a recruit to fighting on the war torn battlefields of Vietnam, he shares his struggles, the horrors of war, the support of family and friends, and the stabilizing power of his faith in God.